Integrating your advertising creative with public relations strategies not only amplifies your brand message, but more importantly, validates your messaging with a third-party endorsement. Remember when your neighbor told you about a cool new product or experience, and because it was your neighbor making the recommendation, you were more inclined to check it out? PR works in a similar fashion, audiences have an intrinsic trust between editorial outlets and their content, allowing greater influence over your brand's public perception.

Current Wave Media has a unique advantage  understanding of how clients can amplify their stories and creative through editorial mediums. Whether it be through an influencer partnership, media outreach or , Current Wave Media understands how the media landscape functions in today's dynamic. We specialize in all ares of editorial outlets including newspapers, broadcast, magazines, blogs and social influencers.







Creating a partnership allows us to understand your brand on a deeper level, therefore, our partnership ages

like a fine wine and becomes more efficent and effective over time.

We use our expertise and experience to market your brand, products and/or services. We do not charge a creative fee to our retainer clients!!!

A Retainer Billing System allows us to create an ideal partnership. It fosters a better workflow, efficiency and lessens financial stress for everyone.  

In-House Production offers convenience, cost efficiency and accountability. When the creative comes from the creators, there is less to communicate, coordinate and relay, making for a very efficient production process!



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