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Over 50 years combined experience




Pre-production is where all the details get planned out. We begin with a brainstorming session and present our clients with a kick-ass concept. We then develop a script and begin location scouting, casting and scheduling. You can play as large of a hand in this process or sit back while we will take care of all the deep creative work. We will always consult with you first and approve everything with team buy-in. We want to free up your time to be able to concentrate on what matter most to you - your business.

We know this is the most important phase. We plan production intelligently, and because we understand production can be costly, we make sure we achieve the most we can in a day to keep your cost low, while allowing us the time necessary to capture quality footage.

Once everything is shot, it gets backed-up onto hard drives and goes into the editing suite where it’s time to piece it all together. Through a series of rough cuts we work with our clients to refine the video until it’s where it needs to be. This step consists of careful shot selection, editing, color grading, color correction, graphics, sound mixing, narration, animation, music and an overall sound design that tightens everything up and polishes the video to perfection.

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