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Based in Monterey, we service Santa Cruz, Salinas, California and beyond. We also handle the full spectrum of media needs.


At Current Wave Media we don't impose a specific philosophy or approach on every client. Rather, we are media-by-design and our products are tailored for you and your business. We look at each client as a unique entity, and for this reason, we are able to deliver premium media solutions.

We offer full-service advertising, marketing and communications services. This includes concept development, branding, art direction, rich media creation, media placements, pre-production, video production, post-production, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, graphic design, website design, copywriting, media outreach, influencer relations, in addition to television, online, radio and print advertisement placement.


Regardless of the budget, we take an in-depth look at your business and communications needs, as well as your goals and timetables, to devise the best advertising strategy for you. Our knowledge of the area, market and its demographics enables us to create relevant brand and consumer insights. This is the key to powerful media planning. We keep you ahead of your competition by providing a new, imaginative and persuasive media perspective for your business.

You imagine it;

We create it! 


Our Current Documentary work

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Uncovering the Light:


Wynn Bullock 

Copyright: Wynn Bullock Trust

Copyright: Wynn Bullock Trust

Wynn bullock exhibit 2017

TUcson, Arizona


​Creative Director, Advertising
Strategist & DP/Director

Solomon Atherton is the award winning inspiration behind our creative machine.

Since 1999, Solo has worked across the globe in the digital arts.

His experience ranges from an airborne broadcast journalist while working for the Army in the Middle East to shooting and editing national TV shows in Hollywood. 

In his current role, he directs our talented team of artists while carefully crafting our advertising products. His indefatigable attention to detail is uncompromising, paired with his relentless work ethic and promise to quality, Solo ensures an exceptional product every time.   

Director of Digital Marketing & Public Relations, Copywriter
With over 15 years of corporate marketing and communications experience, Rachelle has a kaleidoscope eye for dissecting the big picture into an actionable project plan that preserves creative integrity, but keeps costs realistic. Her creative energy courses through every step of the project, never letting one detail fall through the cracks. Having worked alongside world-renowned authors at Elsevier Inc., a leading science and technology publisher, and most recently at Vail Resorts, Inc., where she managed resort public relations and assisted with brand video production, Rachelle brings a diverse skill set that bridges agency creative with corporate strategy.
Senior Editor​ &
Post-Production Manager

Grew up with a family of photographers, film editing has always come natural to Tary McCullough. Tary started to professionally edit creative projects at the age of 15.

His deep love of music adds to Tary's dynamic style of editing. Tary has worked on all aspects of advertisement editing including animation and motion graphics.

His mastery in Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut and After Effects Compositing consistently shows up in our graphics and animations.   

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